Diva FAQ


Q. Is Las Vegas your primary locale for production?

A. We are physically based in Las Vegas, but we produce events worldwide and have unlimited resources. We feature talent, technicians and producers from all over the world.

Q. How do keep your prices so competitive?

A. We have forgone the massive warehouse and the plush offices to allow us to afford a great team of independent entertainment experts who are tops in their field. We work virtually or in our modest office in Las Vegas, and can travel anywhere and meet you anywhere!

Q. I have already hired a production company and just need entertainment and scripting. Do your services come a la carte?

A. Yes, absolutely. We can provide one or all of the services you see listed here from creative to technical, and even more if needed. We work in tandem with many of our fellow event companies, and we can even produce isolated portions of your event. But we think you will want us for everything once you get a taste!

Q. How do you go about putting a show together? Do we need to give you a concept?

A. We work with you at whatever you stage you would like. Sometimes we start from scratch, help you to come up with a message and create a show based on your initial description or vision of your event. Other times we brainstorm based on a predetermined itinerary. What matters to us is keeping everything we do relevant and rewarding. We put in the sizzle in your event and help to make it unique and unforgettable.

Q. What is an “entertainment expert” and how do I know the difference?

A. Anyone can put up a shingle and claim they are in “showbiz.” It happens every day. An expert is a known entity. He or she is sought after, respected by high profile peers, experienced on a national or international scale, able to cite and back up a prolific and impressive resume, and able to pick and choose when and where he or she works. From our Creative Team to our Technical Team, we are proud to say that everyone falls under the category of entertainment expert. That is what makes our job so much fun!

Q. Why shouldn’t I hire entertainers directly by doing a Google search or maybe calling a local or national talent agency?

A. Both well known and lesser known entertainers are a rare breed, and entertainment can be expensive and a gamble if you are not well informed or able to back up your choices based on hands on knowledge. Knowing which websites are truly representative of what you are looking for or knowing how to best utlitize an “act in a box” is tricky. Basic commission based talent agencies that only book entertainment often have the “show in a box” approach. Everything is “as is.” As producers we look at the whole picture and create your event just as we would a Broadway or television show. This applies to picking the appropriate headliner as well. In fact, the limited functionality of “shows in a box” is what got us started! Let us customize the talent to your message. It just works!

Q. How do we deal with entertainers onsite? Do you send a rep?

A. We are staunch advocates for entertainers and believe they should work as much as possible! That said… organizing them and keeping everything running smoothly is another matter. You will never have to worry about transportation, green rooms, riders, stage call times and the like. Our team handles those details along with everything else. Just relax and enjoy the show!

Q. How much lead time do you need?

A. We have done very large events with as little as a week’s notice. However, the more time we have the better, especially if we are designing sets and dealing with technical issues like videography or sound since we will need to transport equipment and work with your venue.

Q. Should I hire a local sound or lighting company to save on costs?

A. If they are reputable we are all for it! Just make sure they can handle the type of event you are planning and check with us so that you achieve consistency in excellence. Better yet, let us handle it all for you. We often hire a local crew and use local equipment, but we always bring our lead technicians. Many times it pays to bring in equipment as well. We will work with you!

Q. We have facts, data, and a message but our execs are not “speaker types.” How does script writing work?

A. We will coach you and help you develop a natural but well put together presentation. If you need outstanding graphics, we have you covered. If you need a teleprompter, we have you covered. We have turned many execs into “superstars” by tapping into and crafting speeches around their natural personalities.

Q. How do you guys know what works?

A. Two words… experience and research. We have been in this game a long time, and we LOVE it! We have over 200 years of experience between us. We also pride ourselves in our awesome market research department, which stays on top of current trends in popular culture and business. From popular music and current iconography to the hottest television and film themes and from current events and news to recent trends in your field of business, we make sure to stay on top of what is “now.” Funky, edgy, elegant, classy, controversial… we spin your show (from entertainment to your presentations) whichever way you like and guarantee a fresh, exhilarating show.

Q. Where do you find your entertainers?

A. Our industry thrives on one concept: “It’s who you know.” When you have worked the Emmy’s the Tony’s, the Grammy’s and helped countless Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and charities shine, you just know stuff. Many of our team members have themselves appeared on stage or worked behind the scenes in their respective fields on television and theatrical productions and large scale corporate events worldwide. The best entertainers seek us out as well. We use only the best and we suggest only what works for you! Our roster is limitless.

Q. How do you get most of your clients?

A. Word of mouth and repeat customers. It helps that we work with a lot of celebrities and people in the showbiz know. Our clients love that we deliver just what they ask for (not what we think they want) and our mobility and flexibility keep us working.

Q. How do I find out more about your company of entertainment experts and about event production in general?

A. Just give us a call at (702) 385-3482 or write to info@divalasvegas.com. We are happy to answer any questions! In the mean time, check back again to download our free publication “Successful Events: Making the Most of Your Money.” It will give you a good head start in your endeavors!